Sorry about the in imformitive title ,its just nothing much HAS been going on. For me anywsy.xxxnessi


check this out:

The paper we know and love shimmerworld

I’m not evern famous and just because I know the sun I’m all over the paper?  this is so dumb! and as for that Roseanne ! ok so i know they where nice about me  BUT SILL. And as for calling me ‘nasty nessi’!

I hate my life 

lol nessi

hi shimmets
im so ANGRY
its the ‘sun’. yes i know im always going on about how great she is and how AMAZING she is but to be honest that’s all FAKE, yes,FAKE. She makes me say all that stuff HER not ME! you wanna know the full story ( see i can read minds) well ill tell you the full story:

I was sitting in one of the little huts we made ( I was having some tummy problems, willow cooked last night) reading a book ( 100000000 ways to annoy your boss). When suddenly little-miss-fancy-pants-rose ( she runs some stupid blog) comes in and tells me to report to the sun ‘as fast as your little legs can run’. Anyway I went over to the bosses hut (more like a castle) and I am told by a lady sitting in MY SEAT to ‘wait’.So ask her why on earth she is sitting in MY chair and she just gets all smug and says “honey its MY chair now!”. So this is all VERY ODD. when I DO get to see the sun she just….well she goes on and on about how i ‘miss my time slot’ and ‘dont work in my tea break’! THEN would you believe she says ” OH AND BUY THE WAY YOUR……..FIRED!” I thought i was gonna scream. AND then she goes “oh but you can carry on that silly little blog of hers”. AND guess what? I still have to be nice about HER!


oh yeah
the sun doesn’t rise in shimmerworld
( cos the sun stinks, not the real sun,just my ex boss)

some of you shimmets may have noticed that when you explore shimmerworld you find to odd pages: the other side and find shimmerworld

i have a clue for each webpage:

the other side : shimmerworld is a place of _ oh yer and btw the sun doesn’t rise in shimmerworld
find shimmerworld :Highlight the text and you will be rewarded

hello shimmets
Nessi here! I am very pleased to announce that shimmerworld is …….(wait for it)…….. SAFE! As some of you who have been following us for a long time shimmer world was attacked by people…if you can call them people. Anyway knowing you ( and i do know you) you will want to know the full story. If you have been following my earlier posts you will know that we have just reached dry land ( if you want to know why we where on a boat in the first place then press back or maybe its forward…and read some of my earlier posts!).

Shimmer world is another universe, another dimension it is impossible to find it on a map from YOUR WORLD but in OUR WORLD it is just another name for earth. This is why when i say we left Shimmer World i dont mean we left OUR WORLD i just mean that the place where all the good people once lived ( now inhabited by the people of the time changer ) seems like it no longer belongs to shimmerworld)

Anyway this island will do for the moment .We have been so busy, that is why i haven’t had any time to create a new post, we have been building houses ( well me, gregor and willow have) out of mud and sticks, finding food and ( me the sun and will and jesses dad have) most of all planing to win back shimmerworld

in the meantime
stay out of the time changers way and… i missed you!

sorry i havent been posting for ages but i havent had time the time changers have been trying to take over the boat a numores amount of times it was only today that we saw dry land AT LAST we pulled the boat in and rushed out into the sand i have been relaxing all day reading new moonxxxxx:)mood v happy @lastxxx

this is an anouncement shimmerworld is being taken over!this is nessi speaking!the sun just looked back over shimmerworld and she says that they have the timee changers people their in a bit we are all going to be called to fight the sun dosent want to but it seems to be the only way..
will tell u about it later
lol nessi