hello so this page is about whell…Shimmer storys ,as u may khow from the is is about whell shimmer storys so heres the very first one please leve a comment if u like it:

along time ago there was a inventor…this inventor had never had a happy life and always dreamd of making a machine to let him go back or forword in time. He spent long hours working on this machine and never ate or slept by the second day of this he had finished but on account of the fact he had not eat or had a sip of water whell  he frankley….died.

meany yeary later on januay the 5th his machine was found by a man named frankin debaterdsafeteh he pressed the large blue button the side of the machine and sunddenly he felt a woooooooooooosh through his body and  instead of a middle aged man lay a little baby in a suit that was far to big for him.

his daghter who had been there to witniss the event found the machine and put it in a place of   honer now every year on january the 5th the people of that world go to the machine and each take it in turns to  press the big blue button.Whell not EVERYONE when the sun found this out she was not happy and called on a few people to go agensed this way…to understand that we must all die we are shimmer world the rebles who have been working agenst the age change for years


(in my own AMAZING WORDS….nessixxx)