Hi guys,

So I just realised this blog is called musicmoi, right? So we might as well throw  some music in there to mix it up a bit! So lets get started-

5. Dear Darling by Olly Murs

This is a relaxing song by X factor star Olly Murs. It is one of those cheesy songs that is also known as a guilty pleasure. I did believe for about a week the song was called ‘Dear Diary’. Either Olly has terrible dictation or I am going deaf (probably its I am going deaf)

I rate it 2.99999999/5

4. Wild by Jessie J

This song is WILD (that is the cheesiest thing I have said all week…). Its the perfect song to play at a summer party. Not only that but its catchy. The only thing was the name! Why oh Why can you not call it ‘my life’ ( listen to the song and you will get what I mean…).

I rate it 3/5 ( I know so mean…)

3. We Cant Stop by Miley Cyrus 

Well Mileys style has changed (just a bit…). This may have caused a bit of controversy (I USED A BIG WORD) but I think she is simply trying to break away from the good girl Hannah Montanna Image.  

I rate it 4/5

2. Every Thing Has Changed by Taylor Swift (ft. Ed Sheeran)

OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST SONG EVER!!!!!! I was very happy when I found out the two where officially a couple and now they have a song together? OMG!!!! This is my favourite romantic song of the month. Its slow and catchy- I LOVE IT! The only thing I would say its a bit repetitive but you cant have everything in life… 

I rate it- 4.5/5 

1. I Love It by Icona Pop ( ft. Charlie XCX)

AT LAST- number 1 OMG I am about to faint. I think this may be the best song of ALL TIME. Not only is it catchy but also lovable and original #DOWNLOAD!!!!

I rate it 4.9999999/5 (I cant bring my self to give ANYTHING A 5)