Sorry technical issue!!!! I may have added a random post ingo  to the site! OOOOOPS!

aNYWAY…… Just a normal day in the life of nessi – well kina! Ok do u want da good news or da bad first??? ya want da BAD i hate u!!!!!!!! Sorry ….. I DONT HATE YOU AS SUCH!

aNYWAY – i-got-my-job-back! Ok i know dats da good news but…yea ! Anyway THE SUN said that that stupid what-ya-call-her was……. ok i wont tell you what the sun said… its very rude and i dont want you to say it again!!! I RULE I RULE I RULE !


ya want the bad news? Thats so like you!!!! Its not VERY bad. I wore …… SOMEONEs ( NOTS THE SUNS!!!!) SOCKS! SHAME ON ME!