hi shimmets
im so ANGRY
its the ‘sun’. yes i know im always going on about how great she is and how AMAZING she is but to be honest that’s all FAKE, yes,FAKE. She makes me say all that stuff HER not ME! you wanna know the full story ( see i can read minds) well ill tell you the full story:

I was sitting in one of the little huts we made ( I was having some tummy problems, willow cooked last night) reading a book ( 100000000 ways to annoy your boss). When suddenly little-miss-fancy-pants-rose ( she runs some stupid blog) comes in and tells me to report to the sun ‘as fast as your little legs can run’. Anyway I went over to the bosses hut (more like a castle) and I am told by a lady sitting in MY SEAT to ‘wait’.So ask her why on earth she is sitting in MY chair and she just gets all smug and says “honey its MY chair now!”. So this is all VERY ODD. when I DO get to see the sun she just….well she goes on and on about how i ‘miss my time slot’ and ‘dont work in my tea break’! THEN would you believe she says ” OH AND BUY THE WAY YOUR……..FIRED!” I thought i was gonna scream. AND then she goes “oh but you can carry on that silly little blog of hers”. AND guess what? I still have to be nice about HER!


oh yeah
the sun doesn’t rise in shimmerworld
( cos the sun stinks, not the real sun,just my ex boss)