….whell obviously its live i mean its a conset ,but whell this was the MISTY SISTERS CONSERT!As you khow they are on tour but whell…heres how the day went:

whell i got tickets like AGES ago and some person gave me a free one (why…i have no clue the misty sisters RULE)So i asked willowbut she is goin to some silly little sleepover and will says its not ‘dudish'(btw tell him that is not cool )i dident bother with jessy she usaly only likes gothic bands but turns out she LOVES the misty sisters she was mad when she had to go on a trip that day!so i askd bliss and [finaly!!!!!!!!!!!]she said YES .

so we went to the consert in a …..limo(ok ….it was 50 years old and we broke down half way there but never mind!)anywayz when we got there we stepped out into the venue and then it started!If you have ever been 2 a rock consrt u will khow how i felt!OMG it RULED!you can ask them about it on their page by leving a comment on that note GOODBYE!

from nessixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxp.s when u think of me do u think of GREEN for some reson i do and i also think of the lock ness monster !